Please note - this is the new version of The Online Money Plan

What is the Online Money Plan Banner club?

It's a marketers dream way to easily build your downlines on 3 levels to your programs and earn at the same time!

bullet Join for just $2.50! Other similar sites cost $5 - $10 and limit the number of programs you can add!
bullet Add up to 100 banners easily
bullet Your own banner page to show with your referral links embedded on 3 levels (If you have inserted them)
bullet Find other offers of interest
bullet Unlimited impressions!  Only limited by how much you show your page!
bullet *Earn $2 for everyone who signs up - no free members
bullet Your sponsor's and Admin sites included to get you started!
bullet List of 0ver 350 places to advertise
bullet 1 url to show all your banners in one place
bullet Get referrals from outside the program as well as members
bullet We will show your banner page on our rotator 24/7
bullet Choice of referral links - this page or your banner page
bullet Generate a growing residual income
bullet Get referrals on 3 levels
bullet Commissions on one level only

Here's how our program works:

When you first sign up, you will be provided with an affiliate link to promote. Once you update the programs page with your own affiliate ID's, then you can start to promote our program with your banners.

When a new member signs up through your affiliate link, they will undertake the same setup -- joining the programs on the program page under your affiliate ID, then entering their own affiliate ID's into the programs page.

When they promote their affiliate link, their signups will do the exact same thing and fill out their affiliate links on the program page.

There are programs members have added to get you started

You get your own page of banners to promote with your links embedded (Those you have joined) - you can get new referrals right away to your programs

Here's what you can expect when you signup today:

Just pay the $2.00 + $0.50 processor fee joining fee - this is one-time only

You will be issued with a username and a password.

You will gain instant access to your own personalized control panel.

We begin to help you to build profitable downlines on 3 levels in your own business as soon as you start promoting (Your links will show on your referral's page if they do not claim them plus on 2 other levels)

Member Benefits:

Special Signup Bonus ( $200 Advertising Value )

A replicated banner page with your referral links embedded

$2.00 for everyone who joins under your referral link

Massive list of advertising sites

You will be able to offer your programs to members and non-members

You can add 100 programs of your choice to the programs page for your downline to join immediately - no waiting for approval although we reserve the right to remove unsuitable websites.

But the best part about our program is when you add in your own programs to promote, they are viewed alongside our recommended programs which show to non-members on the 'Programs' page. This enables you to gain many signups from outside the program itself and has many advantages!


Just sign up, pay the $2.00 fee and get started - no waiting.  You can start when you want.  Easily get your money back with 1 referral!

Yes, there are free referral builders and banner sites but free members don't earn 100% commissions and have a limited number of programs/banners they can add!  In fact, in free banner programs you only get to add a handful of banners and not on 3 levels!  That means if your referrals don't join some of the programs you are promoting, your affiliate links show not only to them but down to their referral's referrals as well!

Get a professional looking banner page then simply promote it!

Why pay $10 to show 8 banners when you can show up to 100?

Get these free when you sign up!


 *Payable when you earn $10